City Hall Park: Add Children’s area to Historic Park

Follow a line of toddlers from one of our several daycare facilities downtown, two-by-two, holding hands. If they are looking for a play space, they have to settle for the small and deeply rutted library lawn.

The City is now considering investing $3 million in an upgrade to our downtown park. To serve residents, that must include a naturalistic setting where kids can play on rocks, sand, and grass. It must serve adults as well with chess boards, well-maintained rain gardens, examples of all our native trees, and retaining our beautiful stone bowl fountain in some form, perhaps without the concrete ring but with a peaceful trickle of water and a central location.

The City has little of this in mind, seeing the park as a tourist facility with large scale concerts, a private cafe, and continued use in-part by the farmers market which should be completely moved to surrounding streets.

Better planning would surround the park with a low stone sitting wall serving the market but preserving the grass and the children’s play areas.

In Council I’ll fight to put residents’ needs first!

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