Charles Simpson on Burlington Telecom

Burlington Telecom is presently a municipally-owned utility serving
Our city. But due to financial mismanagement on the part of the past City administration and a bias toward selling public assets to private investors by the present mayor, BT is “on the auction block”. It must be sold. The question is, to whom?

If a locally-owned cooperative can purchase BT it will recycle profits directly into our community rather than sending them to Wall Street banks and Hedge Funds. Local ownership also means that management can prioritize local service and the stimulation of our economy, including support for the higher education sector and medical services.

Is a cooperatively-owned telecom unusual? No. Presently there are 250 such businesses in the U.S. generating some $3.8 billion in revenue and 23,000 local jobs.

Burlington can’t afford to lose control of its high-tech future. I fully support transfer of ownership of BT to a locally-based subscriber-owned cooperative which will prioritize service and economic benefits for our city and the region. Keep BT Local is such a cooperative and I fully support this effort. For more information on this effort, contact Alan Wagener at

-Charles Simpson, Progressive Candidate for Council, Burlington South District

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