Charles Simpson for City Council Ward 6

I’m running for City Council in Ward 6 to enhance the quality of neighborhood life and strengthen economic vitality.


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As a Burlington homeowner for 20 years, I’ve seen rising taxes and unmet social needs. Our beaches are often closed, our lake polluted. Where more mass transit and peripheral parking is needed, officials tried to commer-cialize curb use in residential neighborhoods. After public discussion, Plan BTV set a height limit of 105-ft. downtown but our elected leaders approved structures that could reach 175-ft with roof infrastructure. Effective public stewards wouldn’t have allowed Memorial Aud. to close due to decay, then try to solve the problem by passing it to UVM for a hockey rink. In the midst of a housing cost squeeze, our mayor and council promoted student housing downtown, not an increase in the inclusionary zoning formula. With a mile of the Champlain Parkway completed to divert truck traffic, the City let it rot unused for 20 years. It’s time for a change! I’m an activist with the Neighborhood Planning Assembly, Co-Clerk at the Quaker Meeting, former site coordinator in the Community Gardens system, and for 34 years a professor of sociology. I’ve worked to defend Hill neighborhoods against commercial-ized parking. With the NPAs and Coalition for a Livable City, I helped organize Housing and Open Space Summits at Contois Aud. As part of the Pine Street Coalition, I’ve sought to maximize the economic potential of public land now slated for an unneeded expressway, while enhancing the Englesby Brook estuary.


Integrity. Knowledge.
Trust A Livable City.

Charles is a Community Leader:

  • • Steering Committee of Ward 6 Neighborhood Planning Assembly (NPA)
  • • Site Coordinator, Tommy Thompson Community Garden
  • • Advocate for safe transportation with the Pine Street Coalition
  • • Supporter of sensible, balanced development with the Coalition for a Livable City
  • • Organizer, NPA summits on Housing, Open Space, and the Future of Memorial Auditorium
  • • Host of “Toward a Livable City”, Center for Media and Democracy, Channel 17
  • • Co-Clerk, Burlington Friends Meeting (Quaker)
  • • Lead Organizer, Interfaith Movement for Sanctuary Vermont
  • • Parent and 21 year resident of Ward 6

Charles will listen to Ward 6 residents and be a critical voice in City Council
Vote Tuesday, March 6th
Edmunds School, South Union and Main Street

Watch Charles Simpson with Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry’s fame) and Charles Simpson discuss the prospect of F-35’s being stationed in the Vermont National Air Guard in Burlington VT.

Ward 6 Residents Need:


  • • “Neighborhood balance” shouldn’t mean conversion of single-family homes into rental triplexes.
  • • UVM must house its 3000 off-campus students on-campus, not in “purpose-built” dorms in residential neighborhoods.
  • • Real affordable housing means expanding income- sensitive subsidies, defending inclusionary zoning, "housing first" for the most vulnerable and strict code enforcement of rental units.



  • • Cap aircraft noise that has already forced the demolition of 200 area homes.
  • • Don’t jeopardize thousands more homes by basing the F-35 at Burlington Airport (BTV).



  • • Don’t subsidize private development projects.
  • • We can’t waste millions more on an outdated Champlain Parkway that dead ends Pine Street and erases job potential in the Enterprise Zone.



  • • Support our students and teachers.
  • • Let’s renovate BHS and control excessive school administrative salaries.



  • • Keep Memorial Auditorium a fully functional civic and cultural space.
  • • Transition to cleaner, energy-saving electric buses.
  • • Require an adequate minimum wage.
  • • City Hall Park to serve residents, not just tourists.

Town Meeting Day Election Forums:
Burlington City Council Candidates Wards 5 - 8

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